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Experience Luxury and Adventure Like Never Before

Enjoy a first-class experience in the Colombian paradise.

MJ Exclusive Concierge designs personalized trips that adapt to the individual wishes of each guest, from luxury hotels to the best resorts, historic locations, private islands and estates, city tours, gastronomic experiences, nightlife, beach getaways, extreme water and mountain sports, and more.

No excuses: 
Every vacation should be the best!

MJ Exclusive Concierge has pioneered the concept of lifestyle management in the region. We know time is a precious resource, so we provide our guests with personalized assistance, using our extensive national network to meet their demands, desires, and basic needs.

By making all this possible, we offer unparalleled access, designing a luxury stay tailored for you and your companions to enjoy.

hotel isla del sol 34
Cartajena de Indias Colombia, MJ Exclusive Concierge

We plan. You chill. 

Full-Service Travel Planning

By providing the highest standards in planning and management, our exclusive service consists of group trips, business trips, destination excursions, adventure activities, individual medical or enjoyment experiences, family vacations, special celebrations, and tour guides. 

panoramic-view of modern boca grande Cartajena de Indias, Colombia

Do you think you've seen it all?
We're pretty sure not yet.

En MJ Exclusive Concierge, you will find the perfect service to fulfill your most cherished wishes and will plan your trip from start to finish. This includes a car to the airport, flight schedules, a detailed itinerary, private ground transportation, yachts, and luxury accommodations in town.

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